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    China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. has set up three subgroups under its leadership: commercial vehicle group, passenger car group and automobile components group. The company is a comprehensive automobile industrial group that produces and sells NEOPLAN passenger coaches, MAN brand heavy type trucks, Lotus cars and automobile spare parts. The chairman of director bureau and president of the group - Pang Qingnian is a senior economist, the National Innovation Master-hand, China Operation Management Master, Top Economic People of China 2006, Top 10 Zhejiang Businessmen in 2006 and the Party representative of Zhejiang Province for 12th Party Congress. Now the group has about 4000 employees, among whom there are over 600 R&D personnel and over 60 foreign experts. The headquarters of the group is located in Jinhua and it has established production bases in Jinan, Taian, Lianyungang and Quzhou.
    China Youngman Automobile Group Co.,Ltd. cooperated with world’s leading German NEOPLAN on passenger car products. The products cover all fields, including long journey tourist passenger cars, public buses and special passenger cars, long journey tourist passenger coach. Since 2001, the company had been keeping leadership in top grade passenger coach industry and obtained great success in the competition of international brand passenger cars, and the domestic market occupation rate exceeds 80%. The public passenger vehicles of the company take the monopoly position in the low-floor public vehicle market in China; the company won a bid of over 1000 public vehicles in the purchase bidding of public vehicle for Beijing Olympic Games. Meanwhile, the passenger cars are exported to many countries and regions, such as: U.S.A., Europe, Russia, South Korea, Singapore and Middle East.
    China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. cooperated with German MAN for production of truck products. According to the demands of special type vehicle markets: domestic logistical transportation, exceptional -dimension goods transportation, oil field and firefighting vehicles, the company has now successfully developed five series, total of about 40 types of special type vehicles, such as: tractor series, special car series, special car chassis series, military vehicle series and light truck series vehicles. The products have been quickly sold in domestic fast logistics market, dangerous goods transportation and exceptional-dimension goods transportation market, as well as some domestic famous enterprises, such as: Daqing Oil Field.
    China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. cooperated with U.K. Lotus for sedan products. Lotus Motor Company was founded on Jan. 1, 1952 and is world famous sports automobile manufacturer, which together with Ferrari, Porsche are called the top three sports automobile manufactures and enjoy quite great reputation. Lotus Motor Company owns world’s leading automobile design technologies, especially for whole-vehicle and powertrain, in which aspects Lotus has rich experience and professional technologies. On Beijing International Motor Show held on Nov. 18, 2006, China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. grandly introduced Lotus science and technology and jointly established R&D center with Lotus. The first product was a type of sport sedan. In the following four years, the company planned 8 models of vehicles on the technical platform of Lotus with displacement from 1.6 - 3.0 liters and the products covered saloon cars, sport sedans, SUV and MPV. The eight models include 007 series, 008 series and 009 series international brands. With advanced technologies and perfect sales network, the market prospect is quite promising.
    The development of China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. obtained affirmation from the country and all level governments, and the enterprise successively obtained many honors, such as: Top 10 China Passenger Car Enterprise, Top 500 Mechanical Industrial Enterprise of China, “National Level Key High-tech Enterprise” and “National Torch Plan”. Chairman of director bureau of China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. – Mr. Pang Qingnian always pays attention to energy saving, environment protection and social responsibilities. He positioned the ideology of the enterprise as: High Position, Long Foresight and Contribution to Society. Under the leadership of this enterprise ideology, through several stages technical innovations, the big capacity passenger cars of Jinhua Youngman Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. created an unprecedented record on energy saving and reduced 50% automobile exhaust gas. As for trucks, the company is researching modern grand logistics, and if the project is completed, the logistical industry of China will reduce energy consumption by over 50%. As for cars, the company tried hard to achieve the objective of most energy-saving and best environment protection from the initial design. In order to realize the objective of energy saving and emission reduction, Ministry of Transport of China jointly carried out a lot of demonstration and generalization work for passenger cars and modern logistic energy saving together with China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. If the project achievements are implemented for one year nationwide in China, the annual energy saving effect will be equivalent to the oil production quantity of two Daqing Oil Field and the steel output of 1.5 Bao Steel.
    With perspective of the future, Youngman Automobile determined the strategic development guideline of: integrate global resources, implement cooperation with other strong partners, supplement advantages of each others, build three platforms and exploit three domains to realize stable and sound development. The company integrated global top technologies and cooperated with U.S.A. ZAP, German MAN, NEOPLAN and U.K. Lotus to apply the world’s most advanced battery and battery management system and electric motor technologies in three domains: the passenger cars of NEOPLAN technologies, the trucks of MAN technologies and cars of Lotus technologies. The company uses renewable electronics to replace non-renewable oil to realize zero discharge and zero pollution.


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