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About us

Factory Management Guideline
Strict management, excellent remuneration; OEC management method is our objective.

Leader Style
One level demonstrates to the next level; one level leads the next level.

Work Style
Strictness, particularity, practicality, fastness and first responsible person system are assurance of work.

Quality Guideline
Base on scientific and technical innovation, manufacture high quality products, pursue extraordinary service and be credible to all customers.

Leading Technology
Continue to innovate the production and follow the advacned level to keep the leading place in the world

Technical Leadership
The technologies of company products rank on the leading position of the industry; produce one generation, improve one generation, develop one generation and track the international advanced level.

Quality First
It’s the self-consciousness of high management and all staff of the company and the rule to be pursued. The operation management will follow the quality-benefit type road; when quality contradicts with schedule and quantity, quality will prevail.

User First
It’s the recognition for status of users, as well as the promise of the company for user demands and interests.


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