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    China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. engaged strategic cooperation with world’s leading German Neoplan Passenger Car, and the products cover all domains: long journey tourist and public vehicles and special passenger cars. The passenger cars are also exported to Europe, U.S.A., Russia, South Korea, Singapore and Middle East.
    German Neoplan under leadership of MAN group is the one of the famous global passenger car manufacturers. It has already had over 70 years’ history for production of passenger cars. It’s also a well-recognized top brand in the world’s passenger car industry.
    NEOPLAN created full load bodywork technologies and owns the world’s patent for design of double-wishbone independent suspension front axle and unique rear-axle A-type frame with slave-steer structure. The developed vehicle models of the company won “European Annual Passenger Car Award” issued by “World’s Passenger Car Expo” for several times. This is the highest honor in the world’s passenger car industry.
World’s Most Professional Passenger Car Family - NEOPLAN
    The original name of NEOPLAN was Owert Company and it’s founded by Mr. GottlobAuw rter in 1935, so the company has had over 70 years’ experience for manufacture of automobile. At the beginning of the foundation, NEOPLAN had no advantage of large scale like Benz and MAN, but it could win a place in the severe market competition and continuously developed into an international leading commercial vehicle group. The root of survival was that most professional passenger car design and manufacture technologies of the company won recognition from many customers. To realize development in severe competition, the survival condition is to have perfect quality. Today, NEOPLAN belongs to NEOMAN Group Company, and exists as independently operated top grade passenger car brand in MAN group. Now NEOPLAN vehicle models include almost all passenger vehicle models, such as: tourist passenger cars, inter-city passenger cars, public vehicles, and airport shuttle bus and environment friendly electric vehicles. It can be called most professional top grade passenger car brand of the world.
NEOPLAN Had been Manufacturing Passenger Cars for 72 Years
    In the domain of passenger cars, completely contrary with Volvo and Benz that first improve chassis of trucks and finally developed passenger cars, NEOPLAN directly developed its passenger car products according to the demands of passengers for safety and coziness at the beginning of the establishment of the company in 1935. Starting from that time, safety and coziness became the unremitting pursuit and objective of NEOPLAN for development of passenger car products. In order to increase the safety and comfort of passenger cars, NEOPLAN Company designed a type of passenger car that was quite different from truck. This type of passenger car does not have independent chassis any more, and its chassis and bodywork are integrated together to integrally bear loads. The rectangular bodywork undertakes the bearing function; the side covering skin is welded on the frame to strengthen stability; this type of design reduced self-weight of about over several hundred kilograms. The engine is creatively arranged on the back of the bodywork for the first time, so the car can provide more safety and comfort. Hence, the first truly modern passenger car – the world’s first full-load passenger car was created. In order to distinguish the new model from the previous passenger car, the company gave it a new name: NEOPLAN (it means New Plan), and the company adopted the trademark of Neoplan. Therefore, the name of NEOPLAN itself represents new plan for manufacture of passenger car and the brand new passenger vehicle.
     In 1989, the world’s first low-floor public passenger vehicle was offline in NEOPLAN, and it obtained another breakthrough progress in the development history of public passenger vehicle and make the design of public vehicle more humanized.

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