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    China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. cooperated with German MAN and has successfully developed 5 series, total of nearly 40 types of vehicle models, such as: tractor series, special car series, special car chassis series, military vehicle series and light trucks according to the market demands of special type vehicles for domestic logistical transportation, exceptional-dimension goods transportation, oil field and firefighting. The products have been quickly sold in domestic quick logistics market, dangerous goods transportation market and exceptional-dimension goods transportation market and to domestic famous enterprises like Daqing Oil Field.
    MAN is a European leading engineering group and it has about 62,000 employees working in five core domains: commercial vehicle, industrial service, printing system, diesel engines and turbine in 120 countries worldwide. They have complete ability and can provide systematical solution. The annual sales amount of the company reached Euro 15 billion (Year 2004). MAN Group is ranked in the top three in the market and it has complete leading technologies. Stock of MAN is one of the 30 sample stocks selected by German DAX and is a popular security in the stock exchange.

MAN – Huge Energy behind Three Letters
    MAN- It’s only the combination of three simple letters. However, the three letters are powerful enough to induce imagination of people: first, MAN means reliability, innovation, power and openness; second, it means powerful ability, internationalization and sustainable development.
   This reputation can never be formed in a short period, but evolved in the unique development history of the company along with the construction of Saint Anthony Iron Works 250 years ago.
   MAN – an unprecedented globalized network with highly qualified staff, innovative technologies and many market leading domains is hidden behind the three letters.
   The facts and data of MAN Group form the center point of image propaganda of MAN Company. The achievements and leading technical advantages in five domains of the group are just robust proof for unique strength of this group.
   The enchanting photos, literal introduction of vast information, international operation – these are content of image propaganda of MAN Group to partners, the staff and investors of the company, and all of them can distinctly feel that MAN Group is the headspring of innovation, the nonesuch of prospective sports and the powerful long-term investment objective.
Honors of MAN Trucks
>> International Best Truck Award ;
>> International Best Commercial Vehicle Award;
>> European Truck Cold Endurance Test Championship Award;
>> European Tractor Contest Championship Award;
>> International Truck Transportation Contest Championship Award ;
>> International Truck Formula Contest Championship Award;
>> Hannover Industrial Forum Best Design Award;
>> World Record of Lowest Oil Consumption in Oil Saving Tournament.

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